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Discover the heart and soul of Salvadoran cuisine at Maggie’s Sabor Salvadoreño! Located in Houston, our food truck serves up a delectable array of traditional Salvadoran dishes, specializing in homemade pupusas, crispy yuca frita, and savory pastelitos. Each dish is crafted with love, honoring the memory of Sonia Margarita Rivera, affectionately known as Maggie. We lost Maggie to COVID in 2021, but her dream of sharing our family’s culinary heritage lives on through our vibrant flavors and warm hospitality. Join us for an unforgettable taste experience that’s more than just food – it’s a celebration of life, family, and the enduring spirit of Maggie.

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Salvadoran Flavor!

Experience the flavors of El Salvador like never before at Maggies Sabor Salvadoreño. Dive into the mouthwatering world of our savory Pastelitos, stuffed with authentic ingredients, and complement your meal with the crispy perfection of our Yuca Frita. It’s a culinary journey that will transport your taste buds straight to the heart of Salvadoran cuisine. Join us today and savor the essence of El Salvador, one delicious bite at a time.

Our savory and sweet Pastelitos. These handcrafted pastries are bursting with authentic Salvadoran flavors, perfect for snacking or meal. Taste the tradition today!

Our crispy Yuca Frita, fried to perfection and served with your choice of delectable dipping sauces. A delightful Salvadoran snack or side dish that’s simply irresistible.

Pupusas in Houston

PUPUSAS For Everyone

At Maggies Sabor Salvadoreño, we believe that Pupusas are a universal delight, meant to be enjoyed by everyone. Whether you’re a fan of classic cheese and bean pupusas, or you crave something unique, we’ve got you covered. Choose from an array of mouthwatering fillings like chicharrón (pork), loroco (a Salvadoran flower bud), or revuelta (a mix of all the best). Plus, customize your pupusa with our selection of fresh toppings, including curtido (a tangy cabbage slaw) and salsa roja (spicy red sauce). There’s a pupusa combination for every palate, making it a truly inclusive and delicious experience for all.









$3.00   1 Topping

$3.50   2 Toppings

$4.00  3+ Toppings


$10.00 4 Pastelitos

$3.00  1 Pastelito

Yuca Frita

$10.00 Yuca Frita w/ Chicharron

Discover why everyone is calling us The Best Pupusas In Houston

Jose Manzanarez


Some of the best food I’ve ever had. The pupusas are the best. Everything is done fresh. Totally recommend

Liz Leso


These are the best pupusas I’ve had! Totally recommend if you are looking for some real authentic Salvadoran food.

Valerie Ramos


The best pupusas I’ve ever had! Very authentic & full of flavor! Service is also 100%

Pupusas in Houston


Explore the origins, flavors, and customs surrounding this beloved Salvadoran dish. Learn about our popular pupusas, the unique ingredients such as loroco, and why Salvadorans have a deep affection for these delectable treats. Discover the best way to enjoy pupusas, including the traditional accompaniments of curtido and salsa. Whether you’re a pupusa enthusiast or a newcomer to this culinary delight, our FAQ provides insights into the world of pupusas, culminating in an invitation to visit Maggies Salvadoran Flavor – “The Pupusa Truck” at 316 Patton St, Houston, Texas 77009, for an unparalleled taste of authenticity.

What makes Maggies Salvadoran Flavor the best place for pupusas in Houston??

The Pupusa Truck stands out as Houston’s pupusa haven because we’re all about serving authentic pupusas straight from our cherished family recipe. We’re not just saying it – within our first month, we’ve gathered over 50 glowing five-star reviews on Google. Houstonians love us, and their ratings speak volumes about the delicious and genuine pupusa experience we bring to the table!

What do customers say about Maggies Salvadoran Flavor's pupusas?

Our customers rave about the delightful experience at The Pupusa Truck. From the friendly owner and swift service to the mouthwatering flavors, our pupusas have received glowing reviews. Just like Athena Caradine, who found our food quick, hot, fresh, and delicious.

Are Maggies Salvadoran Flavor's pupusas in houston affordable?

Absolutely! Many customers, including Samantha Aguilar and Erik Zuniga, have highlighted not only the affordability but also the generous servings of our pupusas.

What are the recommended dishes at Maggies Salvadoran Flavor?

We’re known for our “pupusa revuelta” however Some highly recommended dishes include Spinach and Cheese Pupusas, Pupusas De Loroco Con Queso, Cheese Pupusas, Pupusas Revueltas, Pork & Cheese Pupusas, Bean and Cheese Pupusas, and Pupusa De Chicharron.

Where is Maggies Salvadoran Flavor conveniently located?

The Pupusa Truck is conveniently located at 316 Patton St, Houston, Texas 77009. You can easily find us for a taste of authentic Salvadoran flavor.

How can I contact Maggies Salvadoran Flavor?

You can reach us at 832-755-6441. Feel free to call for any inquiries or to place an order ahead of time. You can also send us a message on instagram or facebook

What are the 2 most popular pupusas?

At Maggies Salvadoran Flavor, our customers often rave about the Cheese Pupusas and Pupusas Revueltas as the two most popular choices.

What is a pupusa called in English?

In English, a pupusa is still referred to as a “pupusa.” The term remains the same in both English and Spanish.

What are pupusas called in Mexico?

In Mexico, a similar dish is called “Gorditas,” although they may have variations in preparation and ingredients compared to Salvadoran pupusas.

What does pupuseria mean in English?

“Pupuseria” translates to “pupusa shop” in English. It’s a place where pupusas are made and sold.

What does loroco mean in Spanish?

In Spanish, “loroco” refers to an edible flower bud commonly used in Salvadoran cuisine. It adds a distinctive flavor to pupusas.

Why do Salvadorans eat pupusas?

Salvadorans enjoy pupusas as a traditional and cherished dish that reflects their cultural heritage. Pupusas are a staple of Salvadoran cuisine and hold a special place in the hearts of locals.

Why are pupusas eaten with hands?

Eating pupusas with hands is a traditional practice that adds to the cultural experience. It connects individuals to the roots of Salvadoran cuisine.

How do you eat pupusas?

upusas are best enjoyed by tearing off a piece and dipping it into the accompanying curtido or salsa. Eating with your hands enhances the sensory experience.

Where to Get Pupusas in Houston?

For the best pupusas in Houston, visit Maggies Salvadoran Flavor, also known as “The Pupusa Truck,” conveniently located at 316 Patton St, Houston, Texas 77009.

Best pupusa/Salvadoran spots?

Maggies Salvadoran Flavor – The Pupusa Truck is widely recognized as one of the best pupusa spots in Houston, serving authentic Salvadoran flavors and receiving rave reviews.